Warrior Code of Secret Clans-- Please read before posting.

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Warrior Code of Secret Clans-- Please read before posting. Empty Warrior Code of Secret Clans-- Please read before posting.

Post  Moonstar on Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:21 pm

Welcome to Secret Clans!
Here are our general rules/our Warrior Code
• ABSOLUTELY NO posting personal information- it's your safety and we are partly responsible for it!
• Do not use royal blue ("blue") ink when typing- this color is reserved for Admins and Mods, and there are plenty of other colors to choose from.
• Do not use language or discuss topics that are not suited for children aged 12 and up. If you post something inappropriate, you will be given a warning and the topic will be closed. Depending how serious it is, you may be banned.
• I appreciate your status if you are a moderator or administrator, but please don't close threads without the permission of the current owner.
• NO spam (posts like "i like pie," or "i loooove unicorns!!!" or "Razz :D Sad Smile Embarassed Like a Star @ heaven " and the likes; random and completely unrelated) or "fluff" (things like, "hi!!!!!!!!!!! Smile" or "i agree!!! :D :D" and such; posts that don't contribute and are just meant to raise post count) posts.
• NO being bashing or being rude to other members- treat others as you would want to be treated. This sort of think will get you either warned or banned.
• Have fun on Secret Clans and don't be afraid of anyone! We don't bite! winking cat

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